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Overweight and smoking kill your ability to have sex

One of the recently conducted studies assessed the frequency of sex in men and their ability to have erections. It estimated the factors affecting this ability and came to the conclusion that males with a large waist size exceeding 40 inches are likely to have sexual problems.
Obese men and underweight men with a body mass index (BMI) under 20 are at larger risk of experiencing erectile problems.
Among other serious factors influencing on erectile function smoking was considered to be extremely dangerous leading to blood circulation problems, atherosclerosis and nerve damage. The heavy smokers have up to 90 % higher risk of having ED than those who have never tried. According to the study those who smoke not so many cigarettes a day and those who have recently stopped are 2 times likely to experience in comparison to non-smokers.
More researches are necessary to determine the direct link between overweight and smoking factors and ED, however, reducing these factors can result in beneficial results for health in any person.

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